DesignDAY 2016 – Guimarães Green Urban Challenge


Urban mobility is becoming a problem in today societies, as it has economic, social and environmental implications. A large majority of European citizens live in urban environment, where the number of cars inside the cities grew enormously, creating environmental problems. A non-sustainable development of the urban mobility led to the current situation that modern cities are facing: traffic congestions, poor air quality, high levels of noise and of CO2 emissions. This situation is not sustainable anymore.

The Municipality of Guimarães is going to apply to the European Green capital award in 2017. This European award aims to recognize local efforts to improve Environment, Economy and Quality of life in cities. It is given each year to a leading city that can act as a role model to inspire other cities. This first edition of the 2GUD is set as an idea generator activity, regarding the urban mobility, and aims at targeting solutions to the before mentioned limitations.

Although the 2GUD main theme is already set (Green Urban Mobility for Guimarães), the participants do not need to come with a project or idea upon registration. The agenda for the event’s day will provide the right stimulus and roadmap to drive participants along the day to plan and design innovative solutions for a better green mobility in the city of Guimarães.

The ultimate goal is to have the participants to propose urban mobility solutions with a minimum environmental impact, and that can be realistic and fully adopted by the city of Guimarães. Participants should see this as opportunity to present ideas and solutions that the city council can take into consideration in a near future.

Moreover, the DesingDAY will introduce and spread the concept of design activities, addressing societal challenges and inspire future events in other relevant areas for the society.